Friday, 17 January 2014

The Importance of Conjunctions while Translating texts

A good translator is seldom a linguist. He is a person who has sound knowledge of both the source language and target language along with a deep understanding of the cultural references, contexts and all that is said between the lines. There are many good translation company Dubai with expertise in the field.

A task of translating texts can be successfully completed after including the right words. Quite a few adverbs and conjunctions have to be omitted or placed in the right place. A mistake in this can lead to the person assuming that the text has been translated by a rookie. For example, in some texts one writes the adverb or the supporters of the doing word (such as although, nevertheless, meanwhile etc) at the start of the sentence, some in the middle of the construction while some at the end. Hiring a professional translation company is important when text has to be translated.


Many words in English, such as and, but, either or, neither nor, on, of before or after, fall in the category of conjunctions or linking words. These words are critical in understanding the meaning of the sentence, as these also indicate the relationship between the words in the statement. Getting these small words wrongly translated or placing these in the wrong place in the sentence can entirely change the sense of the sentence.

Another important instruction to be used is one should not be afraid of using many more words in your translation than in the original piece. This is because along with keeping sentences short and crisp it is important that these must not be allowed to interfere with the clarity of the ideas that are being communicated.

Wrongly placing conjunctions or wrongly translating these linking words in the sentence can entirely change the meaning of the sentence. For More Details Visit ICS Dubai.

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