Friday, 26 January 2018

Legal Translation-Perfecting the Art

Legal translation is a growing need and translation agencies are trying their level best to provide top notch translation results. But the process is not so easy. Translation experts have been facing a lot of problems in providing high quality end result. Let’s get to know some of those-

Conceptual Equivalence

Making the target and the source text look similar is what conceptual equivalence is responsible for. Understanding the source language can be a very complicated task to accomplish and this makes it even more important for a company to have professionals who have knowledge of multiple languages. One example to understand this could be the public jury trial. Such a trial does not exist in all countries hence it is required for the translator to be aware of this on prior basis.

Minimal Difference

In case of legal translation the exact accuracy does not exist. Instead one needs to make sure that the difference between the source and the target is kept minimal. This negligible amount of difference is what makes professional translators different from amateur ones. Such accuracy and intricacy is of great importance in the field of legal industry, regardless of whether your organization is a small one or huge one.


The legal terminology and elements used differ from one language to another and from one geographical area to another. This makes it important for the translators to be very accurate and avoid using words like close enough. Doing so may end up with the entire document getting confused or even mis-interpretation of the message that you are trying to convey. Legal translations are very strict services which demand the translator to be accurate, comprehensive, to-the-point and professional.

Language Style

There are times when a single language has different styles of being spoken at difference places. This aspects needs to be taken very sincerely when one is involved in legal translation. The translator should have a clear idea of which language style should be considered and how the translation should be carried out so as to convey the right message.

Legal translation can turn out to be very effective if carried out by a knowledgeable, qualified and experienced professional. They can help you in delivery great results an expanding your client base across the world.

Legal Translation Services Dubai

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Challenges of Indulging in Legal Translation

Legal translation is the ultimate linguistic challenge; after all it combines the art of translation with the complexities of technical terminologies.
This has made legal translation one of the processes that face a number of challenges to provide the best quality translations. Let’s see some of the major challenges that the translation professionals face-
Legal Terminology
If you move around the world you will find that the legal terminology differs from place to place. Legal translators cannot afford to use the word-Close enough, as it easily provides opportunity for errors and confusions. This may end up with the entire translation becoming inaccurate. Legal translations are important in any legal process of undertaking, thus it makes it important to ensure that the final legal doc is comprehensive, accurate and professional.
Style Differences
Another point that needs to be considered while translating a document is the difference in language styles. The way we use a single phrase multiple times in English to stress its importance is not a concept that is used in any other language. This is what the translators need to be aware of and should keep in mind while translating the document, to ensure effectiveness and accuracy of the translation result.
Trends around the World
The trends, believes and judicial processes vary all over the world. There are places where public jury trial does not even exist. The translator should have a complete knowledge about all such trends and procedures. This will ensure that your source text and target texts appear similar and convey the same message.
Exact Equivalence does not exist
Every translator would know that in the world of translation, exact equivalence does not exist. It requires the translator to be skilled and efficient to ensure minimum difference between the source document and the translated document. If a translator can tackle this, he can easily ensure a good translation result.
Legal translation can be made very impactful and effective if done by the right professional or team of professionals. This is why we suggest you to avail Legal translation services Dubai, India, or wherever the need be. All you need to do is ensure that you hire the professional who has the knowledge, experience and expertise of translation and knows how to tackle the above mentioned obstacle and challenges in the most effective way.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

4 Tips to Promote Yourself through a Corporate Event

If you are into branding/ marketing or plan to be a great business leader, you should know that corporate events can play a great role in achieving success in your endeavours. 

Branding through the medium of events can make your branding be more successful than you can ever expect or imagine. So, to ensure that this does not get missed in your branding strategies, we bring you the 5 basic tactics that you can use to market your brand through an event-

Guest Focused

Guests are the main elements of any event, because without them an event won’t even exist. Show the guests that you care about the experience that they get at the event. If you are organizing a long and tiring conference, then you can consider providing your guests with some refreshments mid-way through the conference.

Catchy and Memorable Slogan

Another great way to make your event memorable and in the process promote you brand is to devise a catchy slogan for your event. Come up with something creative that resonates with your company and is easy for the audience to remember and relate to.

Event Designs

The way you organize your event represents you company on many levels. So it is important that you put serious thought into the entire process and find out the ways in which you can use the venue, event, and all other elements in the branding of your company. Do not forget to take care of things like ads, posters, etc. and also promote your brand using everything ranging from the cups to be used in the event to the t-shirts that the logistics will wear during the event. Your logo and brand name should be visible at all places possible.


You can use your event to show exclusivity. Show your customers that they are privileged to attend the event. Give out VIP passes to those who avail a certain service of buy the ticket within a mentioned duration of time. This makes your customers feel special.

Now that you know, how an event can be a great and entertaining way to brand and promote your company. The world is full of great places to hold events at. Go a hire one of the best Event services in Dubai, India, London, etc. and present to the people a bash that they will remember throughout their lives.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

7 Basic Seo Tips That Actually Work

Any website owner would be concerned about optimizing his website for the search engines on a long-term. Here are seven basic SEO tips that you should know to attract search engines to rank your site on the top pages.
1.Let your website concentrate on one primary topic. Carryout a keyword research before choosing that topic which is most necessary to your message. SEO services Dubai can help you in finding the right keywords for your site.
2.Mention your main keyword in your site’s domain name, title, description, page content, page titles, blog categories, keywords and tagline.
3. Internal linking to pages on your site is essential. You would benefit from a content management system which does this automatically. If you don’t use one, link important pages to your homepage and then cross-link.
4. Let your permalink structures include your keywords and text instead of ugly looking numbers to identify pages. For example, use www.yourwebsite.herbs instead of www.yourwebsite.p123//
5. Eradicate elements that slow down your site. Large images, music players, unnecessary plugins and flash graphics are some elements that increase page load times. You can take the help of SEO services Dubai for this.
6.Use keywords in your site’s images. Let these be present in the alt attributes, image description and image title. Further, change the file name in such a way that it reflects the main keywords. For instance, let the file name be herbs.jpg instead of p3456.jpg
7.Link your site to other relevant website. Having a blog is a great way to do this. You can also have a resources page or link list on your site so that you can incorporate links to other sites in it. However, be wise enough to do this sparingly as these links will be referring people to other sites.
Apart from the above given SEO tips, there are also numerous other tactics that work in optimizing your site. Regularly updating your site, posting quality content, indexing your site in search engines, and having other sites link to you are some of those.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Brand Activation is a relatively new term. It is a marketing discipline which involves driving consumer action via brand experiences and interaction. The prime objective of these campaigns is to make consumers take a favorable action through experiences and creating long-term emotional bonds.

Brand Activation in Dubai campaigns are of different forms and may include all, or some all of the following.

Experiential Marketing
Consumer promotions
Digital campaigns
Sampling campaigns
Experiential marketing
Shopper marketing

The best kind of brand activations are led strategically and bring measurable outcomes, with a focus on ROI. To successfully activate a campaign, a blend of budget, consumer interest, insight, promotional support, concept, creativity, sufficient time in the market, and a significant point to take into account are necessary. For, there is a logic behind the effective working of brand activation campaigns.

Brand activation should take into account the following

Brand activation should never be considered as a standalone discipline, instead it should be an important part of the overall marketing approach. So, budget and resources should be in place right from the beginning so as to meet the aims and ensure good outcomes.
Campaigns should be modified or tweaked to suit the market conditions. It is therefore wise to go for a campaign testing ahead of a national level launch.
Take into account all the available brand activation options to choose the best one for your budget and brand, and most importantly the one which will get you the best based of the campaign goals.

It is better to seek professional help. Professionals for brand activation in Dubai are experts in this area and are committed to creating campaigns that help achieve brand objectives.

When the right tactics are employed, brand activation campaigns can not only generate sales but also can bring about brand awareness, brand switching and brand loyalty.

This is brand activation in a nut shell. There is a lot more to it which you can read from the net.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Digital printing has become an important tool for the promotion of numerous brands today. This technology offers some great advantages which can be utilized by advertisers to maximize the returns from their printing investment.
  • A printed personalized piece for each recipient is works effectively in attracting the attention of the prospect. Digital printing allows for each letter or brochure to begin with an individual’s name and contain a copy of personal information. It is the only practical choice which allows the easy inclusion of such variable info within each printed piece.
  • Digital printing incurs lower costs per copy for short run printing; and thus is the most cost effective process.
  • If accurate color matching is not crucial for your business’ success via printed communications, digital printing is your best choice. Further, the high resolution print quality offered by digital printing attracts the customers when your product is in the market and when the customer opens your packaging.
  • Another plus with digital printing is its quick turnaround time. If you have your output file handy, the digital products can be generated in a jiffy by digital printing in Dubai services, without any further processing. Moreover, ink drying time is not an issue.
  • Digital printing is a good option if you can effectively use standard kinds of papers, sizes, and weights. If you need light weight paper (for mailing cost savings), or heavy papers (for durability) or textured (for tactile enhancement), you should go for offset printing.
  • If your advertising requires frequent changes of particulars, digital printing is a great option. For, it allows you to make inexpensive reruns with updated snaps and specifications, and thus keep your customers updated with current info on your business.
So, those brands which think that they will benefit from digital printing are recommended to get to reputed digital printing in Dubai services for your digital printing needs.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Brand Activation in Dubai:ICS

Brand activation is a relatively new term in marketing discipline. It is the art of drawing consumers through brand interaction and experiences. Unlike other kinds of advertising campaigns, a brand activation campaign is meant to immediately attract customers and turn them into buyers. Thus brand activation is all about bringing brands to life and turning them into household names. Some of the important areas of brand activation are the following:

  1. Consumer Promotions: Consumer promotions are meant to entice customers to purchase a particular product. Such promotions are done on a large scale, spread across multiple platforms and set for a specific period of time. Unlike, other campaigns, consumer promotions are aggressive in nature, run for a short period of time and are meant to convert consumers quickly.
  2. Digital Marketing: Perhaps the best was to activate brands is to do digital marketing. Digital marketing is the use of the digital medium and social media channels to market your product. There are various platforms of digital marketing. They are social media marketing, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing and so on.
  3. Sampling campaigns: In such campaigns, travelers are given the choice of sampling the product, before it is released. Typically such campaigns are meant to a part of exhibitions and trade fairs.
  4. Shopper marketing: it tries to understand how one’s target consumers behave as shoppers in different channels, formats and spaces. The information collected is used for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

These are a few of the means by which brand activation is done. No matter which channel you opt for, there are a few things that you must remember. First, you have to understand that brand activation is one of the principles of marketing mix. It must be complimented by other means of marketing as well. There are other factors too. Brand activation must be followed by a proper survey of the strategies that worked and those that did not. Finally, strategies must be tweaked which require tweaking.

ICS dubai is an ad agency that does does, among many other things, brand activation in dubai. International Communication Services (ICS) is an integrated global communications service provider providing 360-degree solutions for all your marketing and promotional needs. Established in Dubai, ICS has a brilliant team of marketers, translation and localization experts, content writers and designers, who never fail to come up with out-of-the-box creative and strategic solutions.

The company operates out of Asia and has more than 70 committed specialists and associate offices in 33 cities across the world. This gives the company an opportunity to tap into the potential of more than 300 professionals across the world. The services under brand activation are divided into two parts: marketing and branding and translation services. Marketing and branding services give your brand visibility while translation services give your brand a local touch.