Wednesday, 9 August 2017

7 Basic Seo Tips That Actually Work

Any website owner would be concerned about optimizing his website for the search engines on a long-term. Here are seven basic SEO tips that you should know to attract search engines to rank your site on the top pages.
1.Let your website concentrate on one primary topic. Carryout a keyword research before choosing that topic which is most necessary to your message. SEO services Dubai can help you in finding the right keywords for your site.
2.Mention your main keyword in your site’s domain name, title, description, page content, page titles, blog categories, keywords and tagline.
3. Internal linking to pages on your site is essential. You would benefit from a content management system which does this automatically. If you don’t use one, link important pages to your homepage and then cross-link.
4. Let your permalink structures include your keywords and text instead of ugly looking numbers to identify pages. For example, use www.yourwebsite.herbs instead of www.yourwebsite.p123//
5. Eradicate elements that slow down your site. Large images, music players, unnecessary plugins and flash graphics are some elements that increase page load times. You can take the help of SEO services Dubai for this.
6.Use keywords in your site’s images. Let these be present in the alt attributes, image description and image title. Further, change the file name in such a way that it reflects the main keywords. For instance, let the file name be herbs.jpg instead of p3456.jpg
7.Link your site to other relevant website. Having a blog is a great way to do this. You can also have a resources page or link list on your site so that you can incorporate links to other sites in it. However, be wise enough to do this sparingly as these links will be referring people to other sites.
Apart from the above given SEO tips, there are also numerous other tactics that work in optimizing your site. Regularly updating your site, posting quality content, indexing your site in search engines, and having other sites link to you are some of those.


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  2. This seems helpful to me. My friend and I are planning to start our own business and for that, we will need good SEO and Adwords Marketing tips. I don’t want to spend money on something that will not help my business grow. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips here.