Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Brand Activation is a relatively new term. It is a marketing discipline which involves driving consumer action via brand experiences and interaction. The prime objective of these campaigns is to make consumers take a favorable action through experiences and creating long-term emotional bonds.

Brand Activation in Dubai campaigns are of different forms and may include all, or some all of the following.

Experiential Marketing
Consumer promotions
Digital campaigns
Sampling campaigns
Experiential marketing
Shopper marketing

The best kind of brand activations are led strategically and bring measurable outcomes, with a focus on ROI. To successfully activate a campaign, a blend of budget, consumer interest, insight, promotional support, concept, creativity, sufficient time in the market, and a significant point to take into account are necessary. For, there is a logic behind the effective working of brand activation campaigns.

Brand activation should take into account the following

Brand activation should never be considered as a standalone discipline, instead it should be an important part of the overall marketing approach. So, budget and resources should be in place right from the beginning so as to meet the aims and ensure good outcomes.
Campaigns should be modified or tweaked to suit the market conditions. It is therefore wise to go for a campaign testing ahead of a national level launch.
Take into account all the available brand activation options to choose the best one for your budget and brand, and most importantly the one which will get you the best based of the campaign goals.

It is better to seek professional help. Professionals for brand activation in Dubai are experts in this area and are committed to creating campaigns that help achieve brand objectives.

When the right tactics are employed, brand activation campaigns can not only generate sales but also can bring about brand awareness, brand switching and brand loyalty.

This is brand activation in a nut shell. There is a lot more to it which you can read from the net.


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