Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Advertising companies prefer Kuwait as it is a profitable market

Several people across the globe have assumed that the Kuwaiti advertising scene is not up to the mark like advertising agency Bahrain. This presumption was put forth because it was considered that the people here did not comprehend this form of creativity.

Experts from the field of advertising suppose that the said opinion is not true at all. The Kuwaiti customer is actually very smart with the capacity to make intelligent, educated choices and differentiate and appreciate ventures launched by new brands as new products. The younger Kuwaiti people are also tech savvy. This Gen Y is up-to-date about technology and is extremely active when it comes to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter. Through the World Wide Web, the Kuwaiti audience is always abreast with what is happening around the world. Also, with the common use of high end mobiles such as iPhones and Blackberries people are continuously extracting any info they need through the phones. This alone points towards the fact how modern and advanced people are in Kuwait. 
Many of the advertising agency Kuwait have stated that people here appreciate creative ideas and also keep peers and family posted on the latest releases in form of movies, ads and blogs. 
The intelligence of the Kuwaiti market can be measured by advertisement designing Kuwait as the audience critiques through comments on bad and good advertising. Advertisements are observed and scrutinized just like films, restaurants and books. The advertisers have woken up to the reality that people here can distinguish between the good and the average.

The Kuwaiti consumer actually is a smart customer with the capability to comprehend, differentiate and appreciate new brands, new products and creative ideas that are put forth

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