Thursday, 17 May 2012

International Communication Services (ICS), a Dubai based advertising services company allows you to communicate effectively with its Translation services in over 70 languages. Now you can reach out to an audience with a different culture & language, fulfilling your business requirements in a global market. We as a Translation Company have extensive experience in managing the delivery of translation services and solutions. Its extensive team of experienced multilingual translators in various domains like graphic designing, website designing, publishing and pre-press activities, multimedia specialists, software and server engineers streamline all translation tasks, deliver your product in the desired target language while keeping your deadline and meeting your budget.

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ICS-Dubai Translation Services
We provide a variety of Translation Services like Localization & Copywriting. Localization means the adapting content from one language to another while making the necessary changes to geo-cultural indicators such as graphics, colors, currency, number and date formats, etc. Copywriting is essential when creating content for websites, brochures, manuals, flyers and multimedia presentations. It requires you to transform the given content in a creative manner while considering the pre-defined objectives, purpose and target audience. Our Translation Company houses Translators and Copywriters with thorough understanding of both the source and target language, allowing them to translate the content without adding, omitting or deviating from the given source.

Our Translation Agency is well equipped to translate files from a variety of formats including website, printed materials, prepress files, multimedia presentation, software GUI, help files & many more and deliver them back to you in the exact format, translated back in your desired language. We ensure that the content is adapted to maintain consistency with the specific social, cultural and legal requirements in the country of its intended use enabling you to cross the hurdle of language and cultural barriers of your target audience.

ICS is an inventory of reputed clientele which includes many of the large language Translation Companiesin the world. Our team of 100+ in-house specialists work with more than 700 professional native translators to deliver over 50 projects a day to more than 2,000 satisfied and regular clients worldwide. Our highly experienced Copywriters provide the greatest quality results that are the best in the industry at remarkable rates while meeting the deadline. We incorporate advanced technologies in order to provide foolproof translations that will provide richness and meaning to your business motive. We pride ourselves on our versatility that ensures a pleasant experience for the end users. We are always able to put forward a solid solution to our clients, no matter what their requirements may be without compromising on quality.  

ICS constantly strives to provide a quality translation service that is a strong attestation of the fact that we ensure optimum utilization of our resources and the finest exposure to our work force.

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