Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Digital Printing VS Traditional Printing

Digital printing involves printing digital images through printing devices like inkjet and laser printers. These digital images are stored in a computer or other digital storage devices. There are several digital printing service providers in Dubai. But before availing a service, find out what kind of printing your project requires: digital printing or traditional printing called offset printing.
Offset printing uses plates that transfer an image onto a thick rubber sheet and then that image is rolled onto a sheet of paper. Offset printing provides the highest quality of printing with bright colours, crisp lines, detailed images and flawless finish. But because offset printing uses plates, it is not feasible to use this type of printing for smaller quantities. It would not be cost effective to create new plates for quantities as low as even 50 copies.
This is where digital printing comes into picture. Digital printing uses toners or inks for printing. The quality of printing is very high. Digital printing allows printing even a single copy and turns out to be cost effective. A simple example of digital printing is using your printer at home to take a print out.
Digital printing has several benefits over offset printing:
1. As low as a single copy can be printed using digital printing. This is not possible with traditional printing.
2. The turnaround time is very low in digital printing. You do not have to wait for several days to get your prints.
3. Customization can easily be accommodated in digital printing. Suppose you wish to print 100 cards addressed to 100 different families. Each card should bear the name of the family and the rest of the aspects of the card should remain the same. This is done very easily with digital printing. But with traditional form of printing this isn’t possible.
4. The costs for printing small quantities are quite low in comparison to traditional printing.
5. Print only the number of copies you need, unlike in traditional printing.
There are several digital printing services available in Dubai that use the best of technology.

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